1999 Goldsmiths College/University of London, Masters in Fine Art.
1989 University of Washington, Seattle, BFA in Painting.


2013 Neddy at Cornish Award/Behnke Foundation
2010 Open Satellite Northwest Artist Editions
2010 Jentel Residency, Wyoming
2010 Office of Arts and Culture-project grant
2009 Illinois State University –Visiting Artist Residency
2009 4Culture project grant
2006 Office of Arts and Culture Purchase
4Culture Purchase award
Gap Grant award
2004 Artist Trust - Fellowship award
'The Stranger' Genius award for a visual artist
Seattle Art Museum (Betty Bowen) award
2001 Seattle Collects - Purchase Award, Seattle Arts Commission
International Residencies for Artists - Grant
2000 Poncho Special Recognition Award (Seattle Art Museum)
PONCHO Artist-in-Residence at Pratt Fine Arts
Pollock-Krasner Fellowship
1996 Pollock-Krasner Fellowship
1995 Art Matters, Inc. New York Grant
1994 Travel Grant for MacDowell Residency
1992 Washington State Artist Trust GAP Grant
1991 King County Arts Commission Gallery Grant

Solo Exhibitions and 2 person Exhibitions

2015 'They all stop walking' @ Greg Kucera Gallery
2015 'Subtitles' @ PDX Contemporary art
2014 'Overland' @ Planthouse
2012 'Proposed Land Use Action' @ Seattle Art Museum,
2011 Hit the North @ Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle
Hit the North @ PDX Contemporary Art,Portland.
2009 'Higher…Higher' @ Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle.
2008 'Splitting the Difference' @ PDX Contemporary Art, Portland
2007 'Iampayingattention' @ Howard House
2007 'Sin' @ Frye Art Museum (special project)
2006 'The Lucky Ones' @ PDX Contemporary Art, Portland.
2004 'Wonderland' @ Howard House
'Apparent Horizon' @ PDX Contemporary Art,Portland.
2003 PICA wall project (Portland Institute of Contemporary Art) Foyer Wall Installation
2002 'Acts of Drawing' @ Howard House, Seattle
Tetris Drawings and Other New Work @ PDX Contemporary Art, Portland,
2000/01 'Borg Drawings-Resistance if Futile' @ Howard House,Seattle, WA
1991-96 Grover Thurston Gallery, Seattle Wa.

Selected Group Exhibitons

2014 Abstract Drawing, @ The Drawing Room, London. Curated by Richard Deacon
2011/2012 Interior Margins @ The Lumber Room, Portland. Curated by Stephanie Snyder with Sarah Miller Meigs
2011 Reclaimed, Seattle Art Museum
curated by Marisa Sánchez
2011 The Three Dimensional Line, Kirkland Arts Center
curated by Ellen Ziegler
2010/11 Vortexhibition Polyphonica, Henry Art Gallery
Fall 2008 Century 21, The Wright Space, Seattle
'Gimme' curated by Suzanne Beal for Cornish College of the Arts Gallery.
Fall 2007 'As it Seems' curated by Pamela Meredith for Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto.
'Deceptively Simple' @ Schneider Museum of Art-Southern Oregon University
2007 Circle-Triangle-Square, Archer Gallery, Clark College
Northwest Bienniel @ Tacoma Art Museum
2006 Over and Over: Passion for Process @ The Austin Museum of Art, Texas
'Take the Cake', The Stranger Genius Retrospective @ The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
'Referencing Nature' @ SAM Gallery, Seattle
'Paper Trails' @ Howard House, Seattle
'Swallow Harder' - Selections from the Ben and Aileen Krohn Collection @ Frye Art Museum
2005 Infrastructure @ Voltaire Space, London, England
Group Show, Sun Valley Arts Center.
'Unexpected Watercolor' Marylhurst College/The Art Gym Portland
'Over & Over' Krannert Art Museum, IL/Addison Gallery , Andover MA/Katonah Museum of Art
2003 Out of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces, curated by Anne Ellegood from the New Museum & Rhonda Howard. The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
2002 Drawing Center, New York, Selections Benefit Show
Multiplex at Bumbershoot, Seattle. Curated by Michael Van Horn
2001 LineFormColor, Howard House, Seattle Wa
"12 Views", Drawing Center, New York City, NY
2000 Ways of Living, Tablet Gallery, London
99/2000 Drawing Space, Curated by Beth Sellars at the Suyama Space, Seattle.
1999 Air Hockey Howard House, Seattle Wa
1999 Goldsmiths College, 1999 MA show.London, England
1999 Ways of Living, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Curated by Rozalind Drummond
1998 Insignificants, Malmo,Sweden
1998 Officeworld, London, England. Curated by Karolyn Hatton
1998 The Globe Gallery, Flashpoint, Tyne and Wear, England
1994 The SPACE Gallery, Chicago, "Contrari-wise Painting",
1992 Jamison/Thomas Gallery , "Sign of the Cross", Portland, OR.


2011 Jentel Residency, Wyoming
2001 Vivenda Santa Iria, Penedo,Portugal
1995 Centrum, Port Townsend, WA
1994 The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH

Publications and Reviews

2011 New American Paintings-online; Hit the Pacific Northwest
Artdish, Victoria Haven at Greg Kucera by Andrew Bartels, February 3, 2011
The Stranger, There's No Home Like Place by Jen Graves, January 25, 2011
2009 Artweek, 40 no5, June 21, 2009, Victoria Haven at Greg Kucera Gallery by Elizabeth Pence
City Arts Magazine, July 2009. “The Curator's Eye”.
The Daily Serving. 5/12/2009
Art ltd. May 2009. Review of Higher…Higher by Suzanne Beal
The Stranger, March 17, 2009. 'Looking Together'
2008 Art in America, March 2008, (Victoria Haven at the Frye Art Museum and Howard House by Suzanne Beal).
2007 The Stranger June 27th, 2007 An Infinite But Invisible Center by Craig Brownson
Seattle P-I June 28th, 2007 Abstraction takes on fresh dimensions in Haven's 'Iampayingattention' by Nate Lippens
2006 Rivet Magazine, Featured insert, Volume 17, March 30, 2006 - Swallowing Seattle, by Grant Mandarino
2005 Art in America, September 2005 #8, p.62 (Report from Seaattle)
2004 ARTFORUM, XLIII. No 4, December Issue, p. 201 (review of 'Wonderland' show).
The Sranger, Vol 14 no.5, Oct 14-20 2004; The Stranger Genius Awards: Victoria Haven- An Artist Between Dimensions by Nate Lippens.
10/08/04, Seattle Times; Landscapes, and the terrain of the body, by Matthew Kangas.
10/01/04, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Victoria Haven's knife draws a singular 'Wonderland'.
2002 Out of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces (New Museum of Contemporary Art) Essays by Anne Ellegood , Mark Wigley and Rhonda Lane Howard.
11/28-12/4/02; The Sranger, (Architecture: The Final Frontier)
11/1/02; (Review of "Acts of Drawing" at Howard House).The Seattle Times Sheila Farr
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1999 12/9; Seattle Weekly; (Visual Arts Feature)p.93
12/16; The Sranger; (BIO:ART-Victoria Haven)
12/9; The Sranger; (Shapely Art: Simple Tools, Big Ideas in Local Drawing Show) p.41
11/11; The Seattle Times (Drawing the lines) Review of Suyama Show p.26
March; (Victoria Haven: Finding More Than Meets the Eye)
New American Paintings (A Quarterly Exhibition) juried by Jenny
Blessing (Guggenheim Museum). Volume I, Number VI. Spring 1996.
1994 May; New Art Examiner (review and photo printed of "Contrari-wise Painting" at the Space Gallery, Chicago).


2008 King County Library installation –Black Diamond.
Seattle City Light Lobby Project
2007 Westlake/Terry Project, Seattle.
August 1999 Robert Ryman, New York, NY (wall drawing installation for private home)
July 1993 Talbot/Hagen Corporation, Bellingham, WA (Three 60" x 48" paintings for permanent collection)

Selected Collections

Jordan Schnitzer Collection
Microsoft Collection
Seattle Art Museum
Washington State University
Ben and Aileen Krohn Collection
Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
City of Seattle -Portable Works
4Culture, King County
Great Northern Annuities, Seattle, WA
Talbot/Hagen Corporation, Bellingham, WA
SAFECO Collection—Seattle, WA

Professional Activities

2005/2006 Served on jury for Seattle Art Museum’s annual 'Betty Bowen' award
Jan. 2006 Lecturer and visiting critic at Central Washington University
May 2005 Visiting critic at Cornish College of the Arts
Nov. 2002 "Multi-Perspectives and Careening Order" Lecture at Henry Art Gallery
Nov. 2002 "Out of Site" Panel discussion with Anne Ellegood, Adam Ross, Jason Rogenes

Slide Registries:

White Columns, NY.